As I wrote a little over a month ago, I play guitar in a blues band. We played a gig at one of our favorite venues in the city the other night, so I thought I’d post more videos. The place is The Shrine, and it’s in Harlem. It’s a great small venue, great sound system, and the people who frequent the place are always enthusiastic and very welcoming.



Junior Wells

The great Junior Wells
The great Junior Wells

Here’s the band doing a Junior Wells tune, Little By Little. We take the arrangement from Susan Tedeschi.


Elmore James

The band plays the classic Dust My Broom. Robert Johnson recorded a version of it; but it’s usually attributed to Elmore James.


Debbie Davies

Debbie Davies
Debbie Davies

Last, the band doing a song by the contemporary cool blues chick, Debbie Davies, 24 Hour Fool.


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