In my last post, I discussed fallacies, or mistakes in reasoning. At the end of that piece I provided some examples of various fallacies. Below is the answer key for those examples.

Fallacy Examples

Identify the fallacies committed in the following:

1. You may laugh about esp, but you can’t prove it doesn’t work. [Argument from Ignorance]

2. Barney is advocating for stronger gun control laws, but everybody knows he drinks too much. You shouldn’t listen to him. [Ad hominem]

3. Radio announcement: “Creatine is the number one workout supplement on the market. And that’s because of its popularity.” [Begging the Question]

4. Megan didn’t say that she loved the meal that I cooked for her. Therefore, she must have hated it. [False alternative]

5. How can you deny the existence of God?! Almost everybody around you is religious in some way or another. [Appeal to majority]

6. Sarah is against the death penalty because she says it doesn’t deter crime and that it’s unjust. But what does she know? She’s never been the victim of a violent crime. [Ad hominem]

7. Bill Baxter deserves to be promoted to vice president. He has three small children, and just last week his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. [Appeal to emotion]

8.     Interviewer: Congressman, would you please explain why you voted for the bill that increases the taxes on middle- and lower-income citizens?

Congressman: Well, I believe in the truly American values of hard work, family, and children. And the foundation of these values is a sound economy, thriving businesses, national security, and honest leadership. [Diversion]

9. Paper is combustible, because it burns. [Begging the question]

10. You can argue all you want that the two-party system in this country is corrupt, but I don’t buy it. I just think differently, that’s all. [Subjectivism]

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