As I said in my inaugural post, I’ll occasionally post here something about the blues (or music generally). I grew up first on the usual pop music, and then graduated to classic rock as a teenager. My introduction to straight blues was a real revelation, one of those life-transforming events. On a bit of a whim I picked a cassette of Muddy Waters out of one of those $1.99 bins at a record store (yes, a cassette; I’m that old). It was one of his late recordings, Hard Again, produced by the great Johnny Winter. The first track on it is Mannish Boy, and when I first popped it into the stereo and played it, I knew I’d found something very special. The music spoke to me in a way that few things previously had.

Anyway, fast forward a few decades. Now I play in a blues band in New York City. It’s for fun, and it’s the kind of situation where we play small clubs and often times to just a handful of people (or once in a while to an empty room). But the band is really good, and we have a great time playing.

We had a gig the other night at a place called Desmond’s Tavern. Below are some photos and some YouTube links to clips of some of the songs. The clips are brief, a minute and a half or so each, just the highlights.


The 30th Street Blues Band Live at Desmond’s Tavern

The 30th Street Blues Band
The 30th Street Blues Band

Walking the Dog

By Rufus Thomas. It’s based on nursery rhymes: 


Bright Lights Big City

By the great Jimmy Reed, one of the most important blues song writers: 

The great B.B. King.
The great B.B. King.

Rock Me Baby

First recorded under this title by B.B. King, but based on earlier tunes, as so many classic blues songs were: 


Some handsome guy playing guitar
Some guy playing guitar

Stormy Monday

The classic by T-Bone Walker. Our take on it is inspired largely by the Allman Brothers’ version: 


The one and only Muddy Waters
The one and only Muddy Waters


Got My Mojo Working

By Preston Foster, popularized by Muddy Waters: 





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