“Deconstruction” and its misuses (and, yes, Nietzsche)

I’ve recently seen on Twitter and in blogs several misuses of the word “deconstruction.” I knew my students didn’t really understand that term; but now I realize the misconception is more wide-spread than that. In the instances where I’ve seen it misused, people are treated it as a synonym for “analysis,” which means to break down, … Continue reading “Deconstruction” and its misuses (and, yes, Nietzsche)

A Frank Koenig Story: “The Meridian Lounge”

The Meridian Lounge The Meridian Lounge on West 125th Street in Harlem featured local and up-and-coming jazz acts. The venue, smoke-filled and done in brass, contained a dozen tables, and the varnish had worn off the floorboards where the waitresses trekked from the bar to the patrons in the tight space. Alma Boudreau stood on … Continue reading A Frank Koenig Story: “The Meridian Lounge”

Film Noir Roundup

After yesterday's introductory post, I had a request to do a list of classic films. In partial fulfillment of this request, here's a film noir roundup I did with my fellow Rogue, Court Haslett at The Rogue Reader. It's in two parts. Part I: http://theroguereader.com/2014/01/film-noir-fantasy-draft/. Part II: http://theroguereader.com/2014/01/film-noir-fantasy-draft-part-ii/. Enjoy!