As some of you may remember, late last year I signed with a literary agent. I blogged about how very difficult the process is of securing an agent, and you can read that post here.

I’m sorry to say that things didn’t work out with that particular agent, and what happened with him and his agency was very unfortunate. I really got shafted.

Those of you in the literary world may know Janet Reid. She’s something of a super-agent and runs a blog regarding agenting, querying agents, publishing, etc. I wrote to her about what happened to me, and she agreed that the way I was treated was “brutally unfair.”

Ms. Reid published my sob story on her blog, and you can read that here. (I’m really embarrassed that my email to her contained a typo, but she’s right that, given the context, it’s pretty hilarious.)

Suffice it to say, I’m back to square one with regard to finding an agent.



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